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The great PDF download site, DriveThru RPG, have just slashed prices on loads of downloads as part of their “It’s Christmas in July” promotion.

Hundreds of Products are available at 25% off, including the Core Rule Book of Dungeon Crawl Classics, at only $18.74 and all the DCC RPG Modules at $ 5.24 each!

Also, Purple Duck Games have included lots of DCC content, including ” In the Prison of the Squid Sorcerer” and ” The Black Goat”

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Duncan Jones, the director of “Moon” and currently working on a Warcraft movie, has released info via Twitter on his latest comic book project, Mute. Art by previous 2000 AD maestro, Glenn Fabry, check out the speil on Warcraft from Ain’t it Cool News and the art, from Mute, below.


Footage started in a desert environment. Slow build, seeing the desolation. The only hint of a sci-fi element is a green light in a circling cloud mass. We see a rugged man standing alone, takes a last drink of water, then pulls a big blade from his back. He’s dressed almost like Mad Max except for the sword, which has a dragon’s head overlapping the blade and the handle.
He looks around and sees a long dead soldier, just bones in armor. The man sees something, approaches and pulls a shield with a lions head on it from the dusty earth, hefts its weight and then slams his sword into it, like he’s ringing a bell.
Something approaches, the camera pulls back and we’re over the green shoulder of an Orc. In one take we see the orc in silhouette from the back and when we get to his right side a giant hammer raises into view and we get a gunslinger shot of the hammer kind of framing the rugged dude with the sword in the distance.
They charge each other, the man raising his sword, the Orc raising his hammer. The Orc brings it down first and we get a POV shot of the Orc jumping up and bring the hammer down right on us.



Wrong Weapon

Wrong Weapon



Hey, Presto?

This Amazing art from Jim Holloway sums up the essential awesomeness of Dungeon Crawl Classics and is one of the reasons I started running a campaign, my first ever as a DM.

For the uninitiated, DCCrpg randomizes many of the effects in the game, such as Spell Manifestations, Critical Hit Effects and Fumbles.

Jim’s art, above, shows the deadly Flaming Hands Spell at work, a Zero Level party unsuccessfully engaging a skeletal minion, a very costly Critical Miss and subsequent Fumble, and finally, the unfortunate result of a Spell Misfire.

My party of adventures that survived the initial Zero Level Funnel are now racing through a self- converted “Forest of Doom” inspired by the classic Fighting Fantasy book of the same name, but with many more weird, DCC RPG inspired twists.

Skyland Games

With the re-release of so much classic material from Wizards of the Coast like Dungeons of Dread S1-S4 and Against the Slave Lords A0-A4, as well as all the PDFs on it has never been easier to try your hand at classic adventures that helped establish the game and the hobby. My one issue with playing the classics is having to deal with all the quirks of 1e AD&D. I’d rather not have to deal with separate saves for Petrification, Spells, Wands, etc., descending AC, THAC0, and the like. It is no secret I’m a big fan of Dungeon Crawl Classics, which I feel combines the best of old school style with the benefit of picking and choosing the best mechanics of all the versions of D&D from the past 40 years.

My current mission is to convert S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth for DCC levels…

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