DCC Rpg Primer

What is DCC Rpg?

Dungeon Crawl Classics is an Rpg published by Goodman Games. The game features a unique “zero level funnel” wherin the Players each control multiple peasants, who during their initial adventure, if they survive, become experienced enough to call themselves heroes.

The game is part of the “Old School Renaissance” or OSR, which is a group of RPGs designed to evoke the old school feel of the original Dungeons and Dragons era and are inspired directly by the source materials of Tolkien, Howard, et al.

One of the most exciting elements of DCC is the use of Random Tables to define the characters and events taking place in the universe.

These tables are used to generate your initial Zero Level character’s background, starting equipment and occupation – they start as Farmers, Smugglers and Beekeepers, and on surviving their first dungeon, choose to become Warriors, Thieves and Wizards.

The game also uses “Zocchi Dice” in play, these being dice with different sides to regular RPG dice, such as 30 sided and 16 sided dice.

There are many official Modules available for DCC, available at game stores, along with lots of 3rd party support.

A great starting point is the new “Spellburn”podcast, which, as well as being very entertaining, has lots of tips for people new to the game

Find it here: http://spellburn.com/

The main website for the game is located here: http://www.goodman-games.com/


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