These are the incredible new Star Wars Action Figures from Hasbro, due later this year.





These are from the 6 inch “Black” range and were announced at SDCC last night.
They should be available in the Winter at all toy stores. Hasbro were also selling a Con exclusive BoBa Fett, with Han Solo in Carbonite, expect these to fetch hundreds of dollars on Ebay, soon.





According to io9, Marvel Studios have just replied to Warner Bros news that Superman and Batman will appear together on film for the first time by showing the title of Avengers 2. The film will be subtitled :Age of Ultron, following this years mini series published by Marvel Comics. Full deets from io9, above.

Awesome news for Marvel Geeks – Check out Karen Gillan’s badass baldness in the photo below, also lots of Days of Future Past footage was shown, let’s hope some of this turns up online soon








Wrong Weapon

Wrong Weapon



Hey, Presto?

This Amazing art from Jim Holloway sums up the essential awesomeness of Dungeon Crawl Classics and is one of the reasons I started running a campaign, my first ever as a DM.

For the uninitiated, DCCrpg randomizes many of the effects in the game, such as Spell Manifestations, Critical Hit Effects and Fumbles.

Jim’s art, above, shows the deadly Flaming Hands Spell at work, a Zero Level party unsuccessfully engaging a skeletal minion, a very costly Critical Miss and subsequent Fumble, and finally, the unfortunate result of a Spell Misfire.

My party of adventures that survived the initial Zero Level Funnel are now racing through a self- converted “Forest of Doom” inspired by the classic Fighting Fantasy book of the same name, but with many more weird, DCC RPG inspired twists.

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With the re-release of so much classic material from Wizards of the Coast like Dungeons of Dread S1-S4 and Against the Slave Lords A0-A4, as well as all the PDFs on it has never been easier to try your hand at classic adventures that helped establish the game and the hobby. My one issue with playing the classics is having to deal with all the quirks of 1e AD&D. I’d rather not have to deal with separate saves for Petrification, Spells, Wands, etc., descending AC, THAC0, and the like. It is no secret I’m a big fan of Dungeon Crawl Classics, which I feel combines the best of old school style with the benefit of picking and choosing the best mechanics of all the versions of D&D from the past 40 years.

My current mission is to convert S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth for DCC levels…

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